Welcome To Our Family

The El Sembrador success story traces its humble beginnings back to 1989.

The family owned and operated business features a proven team of professionals with over a half century of experience in manufacturing and distributing Hispanic food products to select markets on a worldwide scale. The company has established a top of mind brand name in the markets it services. The ‘El Sembrador’ brand which means “the planter” in English is now a proven brand with a loyal multi- cultural following. The logo features a young Latin farmer spreading his seeds on the soil of his farm. This image symbolizes the homeland flavor of natural products during a much simpler time. Since its inception, the company has established a reputation as one of the largest and most reliable Hispanic frozen food distributors in the Southeast. The company has also added a rapidly growing line of dry grocery goods to its product offerings.

Competative Quality You can count on.

The products are positioned at the high end of the market in terms of quality, reliability and consistency. In terms of price, the products are very competitively priced in each sector. What was once a business whose humble beginnings focused on targeting the frozen yuca market has expanded into a full line of frozen, dairy and grocery products.The company began to market frozen yuca as its first entry into this segment, that product became its flagship and is still most widely identified with the company. Since then, they have added more exotic fruits to their ever expanding product line. All products are displayed with attractive bilingual labels for an easy to read look and consistency. The company carries over 400 products ranging from Hispanic staples like rice and beans, to exotic and hard to find fruits from Latin America.To differentiate ourselves from all of the others, we stress quality and authenticity of the ingredients, and the heritage of all the products we carry.We sell more than a can or bag with food in it. We sell high quality ingredients, carefully put together in a masterful blend that can't be matched in taste or true Hispanic authenticity.